Now more than ever, online presence is primordial for any brand that needs to successfully grab its target groups’ attention. This is what shapes in most cases the first impression about the brand, and is also often a decisive point of sales of products and services.

The changes and challenges we face during the last few years have naturally increased the importance of online sales versus personal contacts.

It is also important that the adequate online presence is far more than a well executed web design – the entire customer journey, the social media activities, the presence of an online catalogue, or even the right e-mail signature can all play a supporting part in the professional perception a brand has to convey online.

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Re-branding a company working on professional driving education and creating its homepage was a recent project of the Next Ship crew. The professional online presence of SafeDrive is enhanced by the visual and textual content, the SEO activities, the pictograms and other brand elements created.

Family Constitution

One-pager websites represent the quintessence of what a brand has to offer. In this case, the one-pager is dedicated to education – how a consultant team can support the most important decisions related to a family business. Given the peculiarities of the target group, the Next Ship team made sure to design the sub-brand and its educational content so that the one-pager conveys the most important information on the topic – and supports the sales activities of the brand. 


TIBA strategical re-branding by the Next Ship crew became whole with the creation of a tailor-made website for the famous architecture studio based in Budapest.

The homepage focuses on the visual presentation of TIBA’s main projects, their team and philosophy – conveying the force of the photographies and visualisations of these beautiful architectural spaces. 


If you would like to read more about the SEO activities that we do when building or re-building the online presence of a brand, please read the article relating to this topic.

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