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There are fields where the added value of a well-designed product can greatly contribute to the sales revenue of the whole brand. This is where conceptual product design steps in.

The Next Ship crew, in addition to the classic work process related to product design works also on the development of the lovability of certain products as well as their photo-realistic visualisation. 

Starting from scratch, the Next Ship crew helps the whole process of a product launch from a product idea to its realisation and production. The conceptual design of these products and the pre-production phases involved have lead to numerous important projects of our past few years. Nevertheless, this process is often just the tip of the iceberg: the visualisation of the product, the creation of its unique visual codes, the compilation of its technical attributes and the education related to their use make together a professional product presentation.

At Next Ship, we do think a good product is more than just functionality, or just aesthetics – it is the perfect combination of these two areas. Moreover, a great product has its own personality – emphasising on its lovability is the best way to create a product that will be successful on the long term.

Pent kollekció mosdókagyló


Product design process

product design EXAMPLES

TRE modular wall covering system

The TRE collection, a modular system of exclusive wall covering tiles is manufactured by KAZA  The TRE design concept is based on three shapes, produced in two different thicknesses, with matte and polished effects and numerous colors available. This endless set of combinations gives the opportunity for every interior designer and architect to create a unique and bespoke wall for their projects. 

OPALE luxury bathroom collection

Drawing inspiration from the coastal wildlife and rock formations, the Opale collection reflects the erosion of the water on the shoreline.

The collection, manufactured by Sternhagen showcases four matching products – wall tiles, washbasin, faucet and a toilet.

Pent luxury bathroom collection

The first suite collection of Sternhagen brand, Pent was designed as an homage to the meeting point of Indian and European aesthetics and shapes. These core brand elements have been integrated to the communication of the Sternhagen brand and serve since then as its main visual elements.


If you are interested to read more on the topic of product design and the expertise of Next Ship in general, make sure to consult our articles regarding the topic.

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