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Every organisation needs a brand identity they truly deserve, right at their creation, or once they reach the point where they would like to set foot on the next level of their development. 

Brand design is far from being just a logo. At Next Ship, we begin by assess the core values and the strategical needs an organisation has. This leads to the concept of a well-executed visual world with unique colours, typography, and other core graphic elements that identify and differentiate the brand from all other actors on their field. Successful brand identity does not only serve as a tailor-made emblem, but also subtly conveys the brand DNA and generates trust in the different target groups that connect to the organisation. 

Next Ship focuses on strategies and brand identities that create this unique link.

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Brand design process

Brand design EXAMPLES


Múzsa, with its craft cocktail creations is ‘the’ exclusive bar to visit in Budapest, in the Gresham Palace. The Next Ship crew had the honour to work on this brand design project for Four Seasons Budapest.

The brand identity builds on the impressive Art Nouveau scene that made Budapest’s Golden Age in the beginning of the 20th century. The emblem, the color combinations, the illustrations by Dora Kisteleki and all identity elements were designed and crafted to create an atmosphere of exclusivity, uniqueness, yet a feeling of playful creativity that awaits the guests for a cocktail experience they are not ready to forget.

Awesome Shoes

The British e-commerce platform has chosen Next Ship for the brand design and development of Awesome Shoes  the webshop to visit for cool shoes for children. The playfulness of the colours, the ambiance created through the typography and illustrations, the brand rules that craft the visual world of the brand convey together a unique atmosphere of joy and delight. 

The octopus emblem is an iconic representation selected as the main visual element of the brand.


Zoltan V. Nagy, expert in structural engineering, gave our team the mission to create an international brand based on his team’s services. The brand identity and the web design together support the international expansion of their scope of services.

The emblem and other brand core design elements were chosen together with Zoltan – as a symbol of the complexity and beauty of his profession.

Pannonhalma Archabbey rebrand

Although the Next Ship crew is against design tenders, we did chose to participate to the re-branding of the Pannonhalma Archabbey for its unique challenges.

The historical heraldic system behind the Archabbey representation gave an interesting background to our re-design of the brand as well as its numerous initiatives.



Read more on the brand design process of Next Ship to dive in the depths of objectives, strategic points and visual representation!

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