The core values identified during the construction of a brand strategy and the brand identity that we build upon these values define also the adequate visual and textual content that will make the process whole.

The images that we use to convey the brand DNA and overall the required perception of the brand are a well-chosen mixture of visualisations, photos, pictograms, infographics and illustrations. The text that supports this visuality has to precisely match the chosen tonality and the suggested personality of the brand.

The Next Ship crew and their professional partners work closely on creating the visual and textual elements that generate the perfect harmony between the strategy and the chosen communication objectives to be attained. 




Catalogues and publications

Although being a classic tool, the online or offline catalogue of a brand is still a genuine way to showcase the products and services of a brand.

An attractive publication based on a thoughtfully clear structure, illustrated with gripping visuality, and supported by a convincing and educational copy will create value – and will for sure support successful sales.


Portrait, fashion or product photography that is based on insightful Next Ship creative direction and the visual objectives defined during the early stage of the project will reflect the values of the organisation. As a result, well chosen photography will create the perception we seek to convey to the different target groups.

3D imagery

CGI creation is often used to present an idyllic version of a newly designed product. These images – showing photorealistic, often utopian environments created in 3D from scratch – present the product concept, or in other cases, the already existing object to incite interest and desire during the launch phase.


To read about the importance of visual and textual content in brand communication, make sure to read our article on this topic.

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