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The Next Ship crew is often asked to provide comprehensive, long term, full service support. This leads generally to a strategical implementation of a brand’s full design and marketing scope. 

Full service support always begins by the creation of a strategy that defines objectives, budget and timing. This brand strategy and its execution creates the soul of the long term strategical relationship between the brand and the Next Ship crew – this leads to the selection and coordination of the actors and suppliers involved in the project, the creation or transformation of the offline and online communication tools. The communication channels selected define the style, the strategy choses the tonality of the content to deliver – visual and textual.

Full service support always requires regular tactical meetings and the careful analysis of the results reached during the fruitful cooperation.

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Full service design and marketing

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KAZA, founded in 2015, became a fast growing participant of the exclusive wall covering market – and we are proud to have contributed to this from the design side.

Having contributed to the concept from the start, Next Ship designed the brand identity, the homepage and the yearly catalogues of this inspiring brand. 

The Next Ship crew was there at their first London exhibition, has supported the international sales activities  and has helped their expansion. Levi Fignar has also contributed to KAZA’s most successful tile designs by creating TRECrisp and Cruck. 


KLART Legal is a key strategical partner of the Next Ship crew since now several years. 

We were involved in the brand strategy, re-branding processes, web and brochure design of the KLART brand and support their activities continuously. 

The collaboration between KLART and Next Ship goes even deeper – we have worked closely together on several projects that need both legal and design services. We also seek and explore together the power of visuality in a legal context.


If you are interested whether  a full service support from the Next Ship crew would be beneficial for your brand, read our article on the subject.

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