Next Ship is an internationally awarded brand strategy consultancy providing all-embracing design services. We create added value with our expertise by creating and developing our partners’ brands, services and products.

We sail the seas from high to low since 2014.


As experts from several fields, we work on the creation and development of offline and online brands and strategies. We create products, we design and develop websites and online shopping sites, we build visual and textual content and provide full-service marketing and design support.

We came on board leaving behind our pasts of brand manager, creative agency leader, product designer, graphic designer, typographist, developer, strategist. Our goal is to build an internationally relevant, professionally impeccable, fair and unique crew that create value by working on exciting and sustainable projects. 

We work closely with experts to achieve the best project results: photographer, content creators, 3D visualisation experts, print and implementation specialists. 

WHY Next Ship?

Our team has gathered a unique set of skills throughout the years and projects – we have worked with numerous partners on all kinds of fields, in several countries all over the world. We did this by winning international design awards, and completed journeys with many satisfied clients.

Brand strategy, design, development, marketing, e-commerce, everything in one place, with a constant attention to details and to the initially set objectives. Expertise, punctuality, caution, awareness, patience in one place. Kindness. Coolness. Intellect!

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Robák Dávid portré
David Robák
Admiral General Manager – Founder

Brand expertise and strategies
Fignár Levente Portré
Levi Fignár
Design Navigator – Founder

Design expertise
Fignár Réka portré
Réka Fignár
Design First Mate

Graphic design, implementation
Mónika Pados-Szabó
French sailoress

Project management
Bár Kristóf portré
Kristóf Bán
Front End Mate

Doug Wood portré
Doug Wood
Spiritual leader


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